Cleaning Those Old and Set-in Stains on Your Upholstery

If you don’t want to replace the upholstery on your sofas any time soon, it is generally advisable to clean any spills and stains on the upholstery as soon as possible. This is the only thing that will guarantee successful stain removals on the surfaces otherwise you may soon have to hire professional sofa cleaners Melbourne has that use powerful and effective methods to get rid of stains.

Before hiring the Melbourne sofa cleaners to come and do the thorough cleaning on your upholstery, there are various steps that you can undertake on your own in order to ensure that your upholstery is tip-top shape. These include the following –

Regular vacuuming

In order for you to keep the fabric of the upholstery in the best shape, it is important that it is vacuumed on a regular basis. This will prevent the dust as well as the crumbs from settling into the upholstery and body of furniture which can make future cleaning difficult. Simple vacuuming can help in fading even some of those old and stubborn stains although for the best results, it is important to hire sofa cleaners Melbourne has that have the right equipment and products to deliver highly effective cleaning techniques that can assure you of fantastic results. Vacuuming is also important because it is going to give you an idea of the scope of stain that you are dealing with and whether you need to hire sofa cleaners in Melbourne to do the job for you.


Various furniture pieces have certain cleaning codes that need to be followed in order to keep them in the best shape. You need to check your furniture pieces for these. This will put you on the right track regarding how best you are going to tackle the stains. There are some furniture pieces that can best be  cleaned with water while others will require effective cleaning solvents in order for you to get rid of the stains.

There are certain furniture pieces which may not have cleaning codes. This is always the case with antique furniture and vintage pieces. In this case, you can do a spot test on some hidden part of the upholstery in order to determine which cleaning method will work best. If you are unsure on the best approach to take, simply find the best sofa cleaners Melbourne has who have years of experience working with a diverse array of fabrics of upholstery.

Steam cleaning

There are some furniture pieces that are best-cleaned by water-hitting the stains with some steam. This kind of treatment can be delivered by professional sofa cleaners Melbourne has. It will loosen the dirt in the upholstery and make your furniture pieces more responsive to professional cleaning work.

If your sofa cannot be cleaned via simple techniques such as the use of warm water, alcohol and vinegar, then it will require “heavy-duty” cleaning using solvents. This kind of work is best left to cleaning professionals who have experience working with various solvents in the market. Please visit

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